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Press Interviews at SFMAI in New York, NY

Must Know Self-Defense

Today, there are many self-defense classes offered for people donft have any experience in martial arts to defend themselves against a possible physical attack.
Mr. Kiyoshi Takeuchi, who has been teaching self-defense courses, is a master of Hiko Ryu Taijhutsu, a martial arts style originating from the ancient Japanese Samurai fighting style.
Hiko Ryu Taijitsu has been practiced by the Philippine National Police SWAT, the Narcotics Suppression Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, and by many other law enforcements.
People have various kinds of backgrounds are learning this Self-Defense techniques in Mr. Takeuchifs classes. For example, NYPD officer, Immigration officer, women feel the need to learn self-defense for a possible attack on the street and others.
gThe goal of self-defense isnft to knock down the other party but to escape safely,h was the first thing Mr. Takeuchi said.
If you fight, the other party may try to kill you. The most precious thing is your safety and your life. You must protect yourself even if your money is taken.
gEven if you get into physical altercation with the other party, keep telling yourself eI will get home safe!f because your belief will help you to survive,h Mr. Takeuchi said.
Mr. Takeuchi then demonstrated basic self-defense techniques, supposing a situation in which you are being attacked and need to escape.
The best scenario is to take a chance and run away. If you get caught, strike your opponentfs his groin. Then while he recovers, run away.
The following is demonstrations by students under Mr. Takeuchifs supervision.

1. Keep a distance
When your opponent comes close to you, stick your arms in front of you, step away from him, and scream gNO!h or gSTAY AWAY!h and before he catches you, run as fast as you can.

2. Strike your opponentfs chin with your palm heel.
If your opponent grabs your body, strike his chin. The chin is a sensitive part of our body and the knock out point. With your palm heel, strike his chin with all of your strength. Striking with palm heel is more effective and safer than with knuckle strike for your fistfs injury.

3. Poke the other partyfs eyes
Eyes are another sensitive part of our body since no one can strengthen their eyes as you can a muscle. Bend your fingers sharply and poke his eyes. You can also use both hands to poke both of your opponentfs eyes.

4. Kick your opponentfs groin
Any strong males are paralyzed if their groin get hurt. In case of emergency, kick his groin with your knee or foot as hard as you can.

Effective Self-Defense Techniques even small women can use

Hiko Ryu Taijutsu is based on Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Self-Defense techniques as the ultimate martial art, which is rooted on the ancient Samurai fighting style in the battlefield. Hiko Ryu Taijhutsu consists of both weapon-based and hand-to-hand techniques. Improving hand-to-hand techniques allows us to deal damage to our enemies with our bare hands.
Mr. Takeuchi, the master, has lectured to guards for the governmentfs VIPs in the Middle East, narcotics control police in south-eastern Asia, martial artists and police agencies in Europe.
For most of an hour and half lesson the students practice to improve their skills, working with a partner who acts as an enemy.
The students do a brief warm-up at the beginning of each class, then they separate into 2 groups, beginner and advanced.
The beginners begin their training with breakfalls. They practice falling backwards while hitting the mats with their hands. It might look easy; however, Mr. Takeuchi gives detailed advices about arm positioning and the timing of hitting the mats.
gDonft be tense; relax your face!h Mr. Takeuchi explained when your face is tense, your body is also tense. There is an increased risk to get injured when your body is tight.
In the meantime, the advanced students are practicing dodging their partnersf punches and stick attacks. They repeat this practice again and again to improve their reflexes.
They also learned how to fend off being attacked by a knife, how to counter the attack and give a final stroke by using a joint-lock technique.
During the class, an advanced student and Mr. Takeuchifs dynamic demonstrations caught the beginnersf eyes, stopping their practice.
The students who practiced self-defense for the first time earned two techniques today, ghow to escape when the other party holds your wristh and ghow to fight back when the other party straddles you, choking your neckh.
The female self-defense beginners seriously practiced the techniques they can use when being attacked by taller and bigger people than themselves.
gIt is very important for police officers to master the skill to immediately bring the other party under control,h The most advanced student and a NYPD officer, Mr. David Kim remarked.
gI love these techniques that take advantage of my small posture,h an instructor of Chinese Kung Fu, Ms. Michelle, said.
Mr. Takeuchi explained why he emphasizes teaching effective techniques. gYou might think you can just run away when you are being attacked; but it doesnft work so easily in reality.
When you are attacked, you must react involuntary and properly to make a chance to escape from the situation. Thatfs why we brush up our self-defense skills seriously.
If you improve your self-defense skills, your daily postures look stronger; then, there will be fewer chances to be a target when you are walking alone at night, for example.
Workout at the Dojo and at the same you can master how to defend yourself!
The training in the classes focuses on practical self-defense techniques. We also welcome those who donft have any Martial Arts experience. You can strengthen their body and release daily stress. Also, you can practice practical self-defense techniques that you can apply in case you need to defend yourself. We also recommend our classes to women so they can learn how to protect themselves while having good workout.


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