Seminar at AMCS in Lyon, France
"a fujiryu seminar very effective"

"participants were very impressed by the availability of the master"

" Sensei Regis GALLAND, 4th dan of Uechiryu karatedo and 2nd degree of kyusho, teacher of the AMCS (Association of the Martials arts in the Coteaux Seille county) organised a fujiryu taijutsu seminar, the last weekend. 15 people attended the seminar of Master Kyoshi Takeuchi, he had specially come from New York (USA). The trainees were very impressed by the effectiveness of techniques and kindness of the Master Takeuchi. "

- Le Progres -
"A master came from New York"

" under the martial arts club, Regis Galland, Uechiryu karatedo sensei 4th dan, and 2nd dan of kyusho too, has organized a training fujiryu taijutsu with a dozen participants from all over hexagon (France). Under the teachings of Master Kyoshi TAKEUCHI who flew in from New York, the trainees were impressed by the effectiveness of proposed techniques, the availability and kindness of the Master. Undoubtedly, another appointment will be proposed next year, with a passage of grades for participants who have worked on the basic exercises of the school during this period. Regis GALLAND will see in the month of May Master Kyoshi TAKEUCHI to continue its own progress."

- Voix du Jura -